Ironing accessories

Ironing accessories

Ironing accessories are essential tools for those who seek to achieve a crisp, wrinkle-free wardrobe. In our online shop, customers can explore a curated selectionof top-quality ironing accessories that cater to a variety of ironing needs and enhance the overall ironing experience.

Among our top brands, CleanMaxx offers innovative ironing solutions with their highly sought-after trouser press attachment. This unique accessory is designed to streamline your ironing routine, allowing you to press trousers with ease and precision for a professional finish.

Brabantia is renowned for its durable and practical ironing aids. The most popular item, the Brabantia felt pad, provides a seamless ironing surface, ensuring smooth, swift ironing with superior results. High-quality materials and thoughtful design make their products a reliable choice for everyday use.

Wenko brings convenience and enhanced functionality with the Air Comfort Plus XL. Customers looking for efficient ironing will appreciate the extra large surface and robust build, making ironing less of a chore and more of a pleasurable task.

Leifheit's commitment to ironing efficiency is evident in their Thermo Reflect products, which use cutting-edge technology to speed up ironing while delivering impeccable results. Their accessories are designed to reflect heat and steam, optimizing the ironing process and saving precious time.

Lastly, Laurastar focuses on ensuring the longevity and performance of your ironing systems with their Anti-scale for cartridge refills. These cartridges are instrumental in maintaining your iron by preventing scale buildup, which can prolong the life of your iron and maintain its peak performance.

Whether you're ironing daily wear or special-occasion outfits, our range of ironing accessories from trusted brands such as CleanMaxx, Brabantia, Wenko, Leifheit, and Laurastar are designed to meet every ironing challenge with ease, ensuring your garments look their sharpest.