Cancellation form

If you wish to cancel the contract, please send us the completed statements from the form by e-mail or fill in the attached PDF form and send it as a photo/scan by e-mail or post to:

Galaxus Deutschland GmbH
Odilia-von-Goch-Straße 15
47839 Krefeld


Please note:

You can send the completed sample cancellation form to Galaxus Deutschland GmbH at the address mentioned above and also listed in the sample cancellation form, regardless of whether you are returning goods purchased from Galaxus Deutschland GmbH or from an independent third-party merchant who merely uses the Galaxus platform.

However, you must always return the goods to the respective seller. The seller is indicated in the order information, the invoice and in your customer account.

If you’re unsure about this process, we recommend that you use the return process in your customer account instead of submitting your cancellation via the sample cancellation form linked below.

Download cancellation form