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To make your choice easier, we have divided our laptops into types. This makes it much easier for you to find the right device for you. Click on the filter "Type":

Among the business laptops you will find devices for the home office, for private use or for business.
In a business environment, the demands on security, productivity and reliability are higher than in private use. Business laptops therefore tend to be more durable and feature extended manufacturer support (e.g. driver support). They have more robust casings, a good selection of interfaces and improved management functions thanks to Windows Pro. But above all, business notebooks should be secure. Examples of security features of business devices are usually better basic warranty coverage (incl. expansion options), drive encryption, physical anti-theft devices, fingerprint scanners, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and smart card readers.
We offer business laptops in sizes from 11 to 17 inches.

Convertible Laptop
A convertible laptop, also called a 2in1 laptop, can be used as a conventional notebook as well as a tablet. These devices can be transformed into the form of a tablet by means of a rotating, folding, sliding or clicking mechanism. Convertibles combine the advantages of a tablet and a notebook and are a real all-rounder. They are characterised by a bright, anti-reflective display with touchscreen and a fast, space-saving SSD.
There are different types of convertible laptops. A distinction is made between devices where the keyboard can be removed to use the display as a pure tablet and devices where the display can be folded up to 360 degrees by means of a flexible hinge. This flexibility also allows them to be set upright. There are also Windows tablet PCs with a dockable keyboard.
The convertible notebook covers several scenarios. Use it for private use in the living room or outside at the garden table. Since a convertible notebook is very well suited for presentations, you can also use it in your studies or at school.

Gaming laptop
Gaming notebooks are the front-runners in terms of processor and graphics performance that make the hearts of technology enthusiasts beat faster. They are usually strikingly designed with individually configurable lighting and keyboard layouts. In addition to their stylish appearance, gaming notebooks stand out for the following features: sufficient RAM, the fastest processors, high-end graphics performance and the highest screen quality.

Multimedia laptop
Multimedia laptops close the gap between inexpensive home office devices and gaming systems with high-end graphics power. Multimedia laptops are often equipped with a dedicated graphics card and a powerful processor. This means that, in addition to office applications, powerful programmes for image and video editing can be used or computer games can be played. With a high-resolution screen, films can also be viewed in HD or higher. Multimedia laptops are ideal for all those who work with graphics, whether photo or video, and do not want to do without mobility.

In our range you will find all kinds of laptops, from the top models MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the Microsoft Surface models or the models of the brands Lenovo, HP, Acer and many more. Have fun filtering, browsing and choosing your new notebook.