Coffee machines

Coffee makers are machines to prepare coffee at home or at the office. At Galaxus, you’ll find different types of coffee machines depending to cover all your needs. They’re divided into automatic coffee makers, portafilter machines, capsule machines, pod coffee machines, filter coffee machines, coffee makers or moka pots. Galaxus also has a large selection of matching accessories for your coffee machine.

Automatic coffee make prepare a cup of coffee at the push of a button.
Automatic coffee makers are amongst the most popular coffee makers available. All this type of coffee machine requires is pressing a button. Thanks to the integrated coffee grinder, the coffee beans are freshly ground in the fully automatic machine. From there, the ground coffee enters the brewing unit of the coffee machine and is turned into a fresh cup of coffee. Cleaning automatic coffee makers is also easy, as it is usually a fully automatic process. Many fully automatic coffee machines by brands including De’Longhi, Philips and Siemens feature built-in solutions to add milk in various forms. This means cappuccinos, lattes or caffe lattes are at your finger tips. For fully automatic coffee machines without milk recipes, we have suitable milk frothers for irresistible foam.

Portafilter machines – perfect for passionate baristas and espresso aficionados.
Percolators, often referred to as espresso machines, are usually manually controlled coffee machines to which the user can make individual settings and thus prepare the coffee exactly according to their wishes. Some portafilter machines also have an integrated coffee grinder so that the machine can both grind and brew coffee. During preparation process, the coffee is ground into a so-called coffee filter or portafilter and compressed with a tamper. Most coffee machines of this type also allow you to regulate the water temperature or brewing pressure manually. Traditional portafilter machines are made by manufacturers such as Bezzera, ECM, Lelit or Quick Mill. Meanwhile, there are also semi-automatic portafilter machines with integrated coffee mill by brands Sage or De'Longhi.

Capsule and pod coffee machines – a sophisticated design and coffee variety in a capsule
Capsule machines and pod coffee makers are often referred to as single-serve coffee machines. They’re characterised by their simple operation and short preparation time. The capsule machines work with capsules containing ground coffee. Each capsule is enough to make one coffee drink. A characteristic feature of capsule machines is the variety of coffee capsules available. Compared to pod coffee machines, not all capsules are compatible with all capsule system. The most famous systems include Nespresso, Nescafé Dolce Gusto and Delizio. Each capsule system works with its own capsule shape and you can only use the type intended for the respective system. In addition to the common capsule machines, you will also find pod coffee machines on Galaxus that use portioned pads instead of coffee capsules.

Filter coffee machines – ideal for large quantities of coffee
So-called filter coffee machines use the direct brewing system, which is also used for manual filtration. Unlike fully automatic coffee machines and portafilters, the coffee is prepared without the application of water pressure. State-of-the-art coffee machines of this product category usually come with additional functions such as a built-in grinder or timer. With many of these machines the jug also serves as a thermos flask. Our range includes a large selection of well-known filter coffee machines from Braun, Melitta or WMF.

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