Best Braun products in the Clothes irons category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Braun products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Braun SI 3054

The Braun TexStyle 3 has been relaunched with more power and better steam performance. Now with the world's first FreeGlide 3D technology for 360° glide. The world's first 3D BackGlide soleplate for 360° glide. No more getting stuck on buttons and pockets. Great performance. Thanks to 2400 watts and exceptional steam power, you can iron out even stubborn creases quickly and easily. For powerful performance and impressive results. Easy refill, 270 ml\nFor longer ironing without a break.\n\nPrecision zone\nWith the triangular precision zone at the tip of the iron, you can also iron out stubborn creases in hard-to-reach areas such as collars and seams. Ceramic soleplate\nGentle and easy ironing. Fast heat-up\nNo more long waits when heating up the iron. Self-cleaning, easy to use and practical: Simply clean the soleplate to remove limescale anti-drip system. No more water stains and spillages when ironing. The digital technology of the CareStyle range regulates the temperature more efficiently than a conventional thermostat. This takes the work out of ironing and you no longer have to worry about water leaking from the soleplate and causing water stains on your clothes. Automatic safety switch-off. The steam iron switches off automatically if it has been unused for eight minutes in an upright position or 30 seconds in a horizontal position. The automatic safety switch-off not only increases safety, but also helps you to save electricity. Even if you take a break or forget the iron when you leave the house, you don't have to worry. You can rely on Braun's automatic safety switch-off function. 

2. Braun CareStyle 7 Pro IS7282 BL

Braun CareStyle 7 Pro IS7282 BLEatures: -Maximum steam output: 600 g/min -Maximum continuous steam output: 180 g/min -Includes vertical steam function -Water tank capacity: 2 litres -Suitable for tap water -Heating time: 2 minutes -Removable water tank -Includes automatic switch-off -Descaling function included -Cable rewind -Nominal power consumption: 2700 watts -Steam pressure: 8 bar. 

Braun CareStyle 7 Pro IS7282 BL (2700 W, 600 g/min)
Clothes irons
298,89 EUR

Braun CareStyle 7 Pro IS7282 BL

2700 W, 600 g/min

3. Braun IS 7286

The CareStyle 7 Pro is the most powerful steam ironing station - with a constant steam output of up to 190 g/min, thanks to the innovative PowerSteam technology. Discover the new ironing quality and innovative functions that make it quick and easy to smooth out even the most stubborn creases. In addition, the innovative, ergonomic handle design makes both models in the series the world's first ergonomically certified steam ironing stations. Discover an ironing quality and innovative functions that will help you win the battle against the thickest fabrics and the most stubborn creases quickly and easily. Thanks to the special ergonomic handle of the world's first ergonomically certified iron, you can achieve professional ironing results comfortably and effortlessly. Main features Features Iron wattage 2700 W Steam output 650 g/min Material Iron soleplate EloxalPlus soleplate Max. Steam pressure 8 bar Water tank capacity 2 litres Constant steam output. 

4. Braun TexStyle 1 SI 1040 GR steam iron ceramic soleplate

- Braun's lightest steam iron for effortless pleasure, especially with large amounts of ironing

- The iron is ready to iron at maximum temperature in just 35 seconds

- Ideal combination of 2000 Watt power and powerful steam output for great results

- Easy refilling thanks to a larger opening of the water tank. The lid has been ergonomically designed to make it easier to open & close. 220ml capacity for longer ironing time

- Provides long-lasting steam performance. Easy to use and practical system for cleaning the ironing soleplate from limescale particles.

Braun TexStyle 1 SI 1040 GR steam iron ceramic soleplate (2000 W, 25 g/min)
Clothes irons
35,38 EUR

Braun TexStyle 1 SI 1040 GR steam iron ceramic soleplate

2000 W, 25 g/min

5. Braun SI9281BK YES

Braun SI9281BK TexStyle 9 Steam Iron Black (SI9281BK).

6. Braun BRA IS2144VI

Variable steam 120g/min, steam boost 440g/min, pressure 6 bar, Auto-off, FreeGlide 3D Tec, EloxalPlus soleplate, fixed tank with 1.5 L capacity, iCare/Eco/Turbo Settings, power 2400 Watt, safety plug CEE 7/7. 

7. Braun BRA SI 5277 GR steam iron

Designed for comfortable, effortless ironing. The TexStyle 5 combines great performance with a unique, ergonomically shaped open handle that gives you maximum freedom of movement for a more comfortable ironing experience. It now also features the world's first FreeGlide 3D technology - Braun's recognised standard - as well as Braun's Smart iCare mode. It protects your clothes with a safe temperature for all types of fabrics - for smart textile protection. 

Braun BRA SI 5277 GR steam iron (2700 W, 220 g/min)
Clothes irons
73,48 EUR

Braun BRA SI 5277 GR steam iron

2700 W, 220 g/min

8. Braun SI9270WH TexStyle 9

Braun SI 9661 TexStyle 9 Steam Iron Anti-drip system Precision tip Water jet Violet Product descriptionThe TexStyle 9 is Braun's most powerful steam iron with an output of 3100 watts and the world's first FreeGlide 3D technology. It also features the new ActiClean system. The unique limescale collector makes descaling easier and 100% more efficient, extending the life of the steam iron. The TexStyle 9 steam iron is also equipped with iCare technology, which protects your clothes with a safe temperature for all fabric types. ActiClean SystemThe unique limescale collector makes descaling easier and 100% more efficient, extending the life of the steam iron.iCare TechnologyThe smart iCare setting provides a safe temperature for every fabric, protecting your clothes. Faster and easier ironing. World's first FreeGlide 3D technologyThe rounded iron soleplate guarantees a 360° glide over any fabric or obstacle - even backwards. So you'll never get caught on pockets, buttons or zips again. EloxalPlusBraun's best ironing soleplate with a new and improved edge design. Precision TipAllows you to easily remove stubborn creases in hard-to-reach places, like collars and seams. Descaling reminderThe steam iron automatically indicates when it needs descaling to ensure long-lasting steam performance. The most powerful steam iron from BraunPowerful 3100 watts to quickly smooth stubborn creases. Vertical steamingFresh textiles quickly and easily, even without an ironing board. Use the vertical steam function to freshen up lightly creased garments and curtains. Anti-drip systemThe improved anti-drip system prevents annoying water spots and water leaking from the iron soleplate, even when ironing at low temperatures. Easy refill, 330 mlThe large opening of the water tank makes refilling quick and easy. Energy savingUp to 70% energy saving in Eco mode compared to Turbo setting Features Precision tip: Yes Settings: Digital: iCare, Turbo setting Integrated textile protection thanks to iCare technology: Yes Active steam zones: 4 Descaling function: ActiClean system Water jet: Yes Anti-drip system: Automatic Vertical steam function: Yes Specifications Turbo steam output: 250 g/min Steam output: 60 g/min. Extra large water tank opening: Yes Iron soleplate coating: EloxalPlus Water tank size: 330 ml Energy saving: 70% Cable length: 2.5 m Wattage (W): 3100 Suitable for tap water: Yes Colour: Purple Weight: 1.7 kg. 

Braun SI9270WH TexStyle 9 (3100 W, 250 g/min)
Clothes irons
97,67 EUR

Braun SI9270WH TexStyle 9

3100 W, 250 g/min

9. Braun FI3194BK

Braun Fi3194 Bk Freestyle 3 - Steam iron - Power 2400 W - Constant steam 45 G/min. Pressure 200 G/min - Superceramic soleplate

10. Braun TexStyle 5 SI 5088 BK Dry & Steam Iron EloxalPlus soleplate

FreeGlide 3D EloxalPlus soleplate - the rounded soleplate guarantees 360°glide over buttons, pockets and bumps, special glide, 2x harder than stainless steel, easy filling, large water tank with ergonomic lid for easy refilling, Precision tip - the triangular steam zone of the precision tip quickly and efficiently removes small wrinkles in hard-to-reach places, Ergonomic handle - provides a secure, firm grip during ironing, Powerful performance - 2.800 watts combined with high steam output, Self-cleaning function, variable steam of up to 50g/min (in turbo mode) and triangular steam output of 220g/min vertically and horizontally, Automatic shut-off - after 8 minutes in vertical position or 30 seconds in horizontal position -for maximum safety and energy efficiency, Anti-drip system - no water spots even at low ironing temperatures. 

Braun TexStyle 5 SI 5088 BK Dry & Steam Iron EloxalPlus soleplate (2800 W, 220 g/min)
Clothes irons
98,79 EUR

Braun TexStyle 5 SI 5088 BK Dry & Steam Iron EloxalPlus soleplate

2800 W, 220 g/min