Best Singer products in the Sewing machines category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Singer products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Singer 2250 Tradition

The Singer Tradition 2250 has everything that makes sewing easy even for beginners: Practical sewing programs with variable stitch length, clear stitch selection and an automatic buttonhole in four simple steps. This is how sewing becomes your most beautiful tradition! A sewing machine with convincing performance: 10 sewing programs, variable stitch length, sewing foot change in seconds, simple stitch selection, precise buttonholes and extensive accessories. 

2. Singer M2405

Description The SINGER M2405 is perfect for everyday sewing. It is particularly light and therefore easy to transport. In addition to many practical sewing programs, it features a sturdy metal housing, a standard stitch selection and the click-lock function for quick change of presser foot. The stitch length is variably adjustable. Highlights Sturdy metal housing for a long service life Stitch length and stitch width individually adjustable 8 stitches Buttonhole sewn in 4 steps Button sewing program Button sewing program Frontally insertable bobbin Sewing foot change in seconds Easy stitch selection Practical free-arm stitches 8 stitch programs 4-step buttonhole Extensive accessories Standard sewing foot Zipper foot Buttonhole foot Button sewing foot Stuffing plate Sewing machine needles Bobbins, screwdriver for throat plate Felt backing for thread reel Seam unraveler Lint brush Cover hood. 

3. Singer Simple 3223G

The Singer Simple 3223 with its 23 practical sewing programs, variable stitch length, clear stitch selection and an automatic buttonhole in 4 simple steps is the ideal sewing machine for beginners as well as for hobby sewers! 

4. Singer Tradition 2259

Practical sewing programs with variable stitch length, clear stitch selection and an automatic buttonhole in four simple steps. Sewing becomes your most beautiful tradition! A sewing machine with convincing performance: 19 sewing programs, sewing foot change in seconds, variable stitch length, simple stitch selection, precise buttonholes and extensive accessories. 

5. Singer Universal Bag 617L Mint

The universal bag is the perfect size. Can be used both as a storage bag and as a carrying bag for most SINGER sewing and overlock machines.
With full-length zip,
the bag opens wide so that the sewing machine can be easily taken in and out.
Padded carry handles can be connected for a more secure hold. It provides safe, dust-free storage for the sewing machine and accessories, protecting against bumps and scratches.
Durable canvas fabric
Care instructions: Wash with a mild detergent and allow to air dry.

Singer Universal Bag 617L Mint
Sewing machines
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Singer Universal Bag 617L Mint

6. Singer Heavy Duty 4432

You can really challenge the powerful Singer Heavy Duty 4432. Whether thick or thin fabrics, the powerful motor can handle many different materials. With 1,100 stitches per minute, it's super fast. So you can bring your creative ideas to fabric in a flash. It has
over 32 stitch programs (6 useful stitches, 7 stretch stitches, 18 decorative stitches) and a single-stage buttonhole.

7. Singer Handheld Mending Machine

Perfect for all mending tasks, from repairing dropped hems to a little handyman skill. Compact and portable design for on-the-spot repairs. Perform a straight stitch with the push of a button. Battery-powered for on-the-go ductwork to ensure you can fix anything wherever you go. 

8. Singer Professional 5

Because sewing better is more fun.

Sewing with the overlock? One immediately thinks of practical and time-saving processing of elastic fabrics and super-flat serging
seams on difficult materials.
Right. But the SINGER Professional 5 can do much more than just sew, cut and trim: with professional stitch programs, it sews all modern materials so perfectly that you can dare to tackle any project. The special feature of the Professional 5TM is the 2-3-4-5 thread system: you can use it to sew the types of stitches that you normally only know from purchased items. And even better than the ready-made.
But not only fashion deserves optimal workmanship - the Professional 5TM is the ideal partner for everything you can sew. Whether great accessories, cuddly home textiles or individual gifts: with such a versatile overlock machine you will get unexpected ideas. And the best thing is: for all its professionalism, the SINGER Professional 5 is so easy to use that anyone can easily handle it.

The highlights at a glance

Differential Transport
Fine fabrics curl up when sewing. Elastic fabrics often stretch during sewing so that small waves are formed. Not with the differential feed: this allows you to change the feed speed so that every material is sewn perfectly.

Automatic yarn tension
Whether highly elastic stretch seam or fine rolled hem: every stitch needs a different thread tension to be sewn optimally. The SINGER Professional 5 makes it easy for you: it adjusts precisely to the respective stitch program with the automatic thread tensioner. Simply select the recommended letter with the handwheel and the machine is ready to sew.

14 professional stitch programs:
Double chain stitch
4-thread safety seam
5-thread safety seam
5-thread safety seam (narrow)
2-thread rolled hem
2-thread overlock
3-thread overlock
3-thread flatlock
3-thread rolled hem
3-thread stretch safety seam
4-thread stretch safety seam
Cover stitching
Cover seam (narrow)
Triple cover seam
Movable upper blade
The knife cuts 5-7 mm wide seams - and can be easily folded away if necessary
Easy threading
Confusion impossible: each thread path is marked in colour.
Variable stitch width adjustment
Practical to regulate from the outside.
Adjustable presser foot pressure
For neat seams without pressure marks on the SINGER Professional 5.
Sewing with up to 3 needles
So elastic and durable that nothing tears.
Extra high presser foot position
Stitch length adjustment conveniently from outside
Simple program selection
Sewing speed: 1300 stitches per minute
A lot of accessories
Screwdriver (large), Knife (fixed), Thread unwinding disc, Spool net, Oil, Hexagon socket screwdriver, Tweezers, Pack of needles, Brush, Bobbin holder, Waste container, Cover, Knife cover

9. Singer Simple 3223

10. Singer Talent 3323D

A good start. Right from the start. Whatever you want to sew, the Singer Talent will accompany you.Robust and reliable, flexible in stitch selection and very easy to use. You have created theChoice: from hard-wearing utility and stretch stitches to decorative decorative stitches. Leave your carthe proven Singer technology. The practical model Talent 3323 with 23 stitch programsoffers the ideal basic equipment for beginners. She masters all everyday sewing tasks. And it is also very easy to use: the programs are easy to set with the selector wheel.A fully automatic buttonhole that sews itself almost automatically. Just a flick of the wrist - and you cantransforms the sewing surface into a handy free arm for round closed material. Just as you can change the bobbin or sewing foot quickly and easily.