Best Sigma Sport products in the Bike lights category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Sigma Sport products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Sigma Sport Aura 100

With the lighting set Aura 100 Blaze Link bike light can be controlled, designed and experienced in a completely different way. Through the innovative link function, the lights can be coupled together in a flash. Once connected, they are conveniently operated from the front light. The Aura 100 Link approved for road traffic illuminates you with 100 lux luminosity and 110 meters of light range even the darkest way and the Blaze Link ensures maximum visibility with its brake light function. 

2. Sigma Sport Aura 35

The AURA 35 USB is the ideal companion for those who are looking for an affordable and reliable bicycle light for city traffic, such as pupils and students. The 35 lux StVZO front light can be easily attached to the handlebar without tools. There, it not only looks good, but also ensures more safety with its 45 metre headlight range and good illumination. Safety on the bike doesn't have to be expensive. The AURA 35 USB is available in a set with the small but powerful NUGGET II rear light. With it, you can ride in full compliance with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) at an affordable SIGMA price. With a homogeneous light pattern, the AURA 35 USB offers optimum visibility in the long-distance, side and core areas without dazzling other road users. This ensures a high level of safety in road traffic. The AURA 35 USB has an integrated rechargeable battery. This is recharged via the micro USB socket, which is also possible on any PC. With the enclosed micro 

Sigma Sport Aura 35 (35 lm, 35 lm)
Bike lights
37,79 EUR

Sigma Sport Aura 35

35 lm, 35 lm

3. Sigma Sport Aura 45

The AURA 45 USB bicycle light from SIGMA SPORT is characterised by a full 45 lux and a harmonious light image up to a distance of around 55 metres. Safety-conscious drivers are pleased with the integrated brightness sensor, which automatically regulates the illuminance. This ensures the longest possible light duration. This makes the bicycle lamp ideal for city cyclists who are sometimes away from illuminated roads.Brightness sensorIn the "Auto" lighting mode, an integrated brightness sensor automatically adjusts the illuminance to the ambient light. The auto mode is indicated by the yellow indicator light. In addition, the AURA 45 USB has the standard mode with 45 lux and 6.5 hours light duration as well as the eco mode with 15 lux and a full 21 hours light duration. StVZO bicycle lighting in the setSafety on the bike is available from SIGMA at a fair price: The AURA 45 USB front light is available in the set with the NUGGET II rear light. Together they ensure good visibility all around. RechargeableThe AURA 45 USB has an integrated rechargeable battery. This is recharged via the Micro-USB socket, which is also possible on any PC. With the included Micro-USB cable, the front light is fully charged again in a maximum of 2.8 hours. The lithium-ion battery has deep discharge and overcharge protection. It also has no memory effect and can easily be fully recharged. Lateral visibilityWidth lateral lighting elements provide improved visibility of the bicycle light in road traffic. The AURA 45 USB is equipped with an Osram LED. In combination with the high-performance optics, this creates a very uniform light distribution and ensures optimum illumination across all light zones. Double-click to switch the AURA 45 USB on, then press and hold to switch it off again. The practical silicone handlebar holder is firmly attached to the AURA 45 USB and guarantees a quick and precise attachment to any bicycle handlebar. This allows the bicycle light to be mounted and removed without tools. In addition, the AURA 45 USB is also compatible with other SIGMA mounting systems, such as the Screw Bracket and the Universal Helmet Mount. - Weight: 115 g - Details: - Illuminance of front light in Ecomodus: 15 LUX - Operating time of front light in Ecomodus: 6.5 h - 360° adjustable bracket of front light - Front light with two-stage battery indicator - Charging of front light possible during operation - Charging time of front light: 2.3 h - Front light with two-stage battery/charging indicator and splash-proof according to IPX4 - Front light with lateral visibility - StVZO: with StVZO approval - Design: Front light - Equipment: Parking light - Protection class: IPX4 Scope of delivery - Scope of delivery: 1 x Sigma Aura 45 StVZO - Includes: Mounting bracket - Mounting without tools: yes - Mounting bracket: flexible silicone holder Power supply - Power source: Battery - USB connection illuminant - Lamp body: LED - Luminous intensity: 45 Lux - Visibility: 55 m - Luminous duration (min): 390. 

4. Sigma Sport Buster 400 / RL 80

The BUSTER 400 is the all-rounder for every occasion, e.g. on the road bike, gravel bike or MTB. With 400 lumens and a light range of 120 metres, it offers the perfect view during your sporty evening rides. Five light modes and a light mode memory function ensure that the right amount of light is always available. The six-level battery indicator on the top shows the exact remaining battery life. 

Sigma Sport Buster 400 / RL 80 (400 lm, 80 lm)
Bike lights
49,08 EUR

Sigma Sport Buster 400 / RL 80

400 lm, 80 lm

5. Sigma Sport 800HL

LED helmet lamp Sigma Buster 800HL ; black.

6. Sigma Sport Aura 60 USB

The top model is equipped with 60 lux LED technology and provides excellent illumination of paths and roads with a 70-metre range. The high illuminance combined with the unlimited StVZO approval make the AURA 60 a first-class light for sporty drivers and commuters. With its sporty design and a weight of just 105 grams, the Aura 60 hardly weighs a dime on the handlebars, which will delight racing cyclists and frequent cyclists in particular. 

7. Sigma Sport Blaze

The BLAZE rear light has a brake light function that can also be used without a permanent light during the day. Another safety plus is the integrated brightness sensor, which automatically activates the StVZO bicycle light in poor light conditions. The long light duration, a visibility range of 500 metres.

More safety thanks to integrated brake light: Three bright LEDs signal the braking process for other road users for around 3 seconds thanks to the integrated acceleration sensor. During the day, the brake light can be used without a permanent light and thus gives you more visibility in road traffic. Also an extremely useful feature for touring in a group.

Always visible when you need it: The integrated brightness sensor automatically switches the rear light on and off in auto mode when the ambient light is appropriate. This saves battery power and is ideal, for example, when passing tunnels or dark forest paths.

Sigma Sport Blaze
Bike lights
27,– EUR was 28,43 EUR

Sigma Sport Blaze

8. Sigma Sport Buster 800 / RL 80

A whopping 800 lumens and an impressive light cone of 170 metres make the BUSTER 800 an ideal partner for demanding evening rides.
The BUSTER 800 shows its strengths
on dark, difficult terrain and narrow MTB trails.
Precise LED indicators on the top show the battery status and which of the five light modes is selected at a glance.
The BUSTER 800 is available in two versions: one on the handlebar and one on the helmet (HL).

Sigma Sport Buster 800 / RL 80 (800 lm, 80 lm)
Bike lights
71,90 EUR was 78,90 EUR

Sigma Sport Buster 800 / RL 80

800 lm, 80 lm

9. Sigma Sport Headlights Buster

With 300 lumens and 70 meters of light range, it gives you the best view of roads and paths. Four light modes and an up and down function ensure that exactly the right amount of light is always available. With the slider you can easily remove the power light from the holder and quickly attach it again. 

Sigma Sport Headlights Buster (300 lm)
Bike lights
38,90 EUR

Sigma Sport Headlights Buster

300 lm

10. Sigma Sport Buster 100

LED helmet light with integrated Micro-USB recharge function and tool-free installation. Incl. universal silicone holder suitable for every helmet. Front or rear light uncomplicated and everywhere rechargeable with USB cable. Whether in the office, on the PC, on the road or at home with a USB charger.