Best SKS products in the Bottle holders category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best SKS products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. SKS Velodetect+ Air Tag

Holder for AirTag for mounting on the bicycle frame

Perfectly camouflaged: The VELODETECT+ makes it possible to integrate an Apple AirTag inconspicuously and splash-proof
on the bicycle frame. Well concealed, for example under the water bottle holder, the flat holder for the AirTag is barely recognisable. Simply insert the AirTag (not included), close the housing halves and screw them to the bottle cage mount. Thanks to the screws in two different lengths, mounting is possible with or without the bottle cage. The safety screws also make unauthorised removal more difficult.

A plus in mounting options

With its elongated holes, the VELODETECT+ can also be mounted on wider bike frames. But the holder for the AirTag has even more to offer: Paint-protecting, tried-and-tested adapters and rubberised Velcro straps are suitable for attaching mini pumps, spare tubes or tools that are always ready to hand.


* For mounting underneath all standard bottle cages
* With adapter for additional mounting options
* Flat, unobtrusive and splash-proof
* Includes security screws (theft protection)
* Includes security torx key
* Made in Germany
* Dimensions: 83 x 54 x 13 mm
* Weight: 22 g
* Material: plastic.

2. SKS Anywhere

Adapter SKS-Anywhere f. bottle cage, plastic, black.

3. SKS Standard

SKS water bottle cage adapter, quick-release attachment.

4. SKS Anywhere adapter bottle cage with top cage

The Sks Anywhere mounting system lives up to its name. By means of straps and adapters as well as the Topcage bike bottle cage, drinks bottles can be attached anywhere on the bike, even if there are no holes. The adapters are attached with hard-wearing velcro straps. Innovative system for flexible mounting options. They can be easily shortened and fit all tubes with a diameter of up to 80 mm. The rubberised surface protects the paintwork and ensures that nothing slips, even on rough off-road rides. The straps are included in the delivery. 

SKS Anywhere adapter bottle cage with top cage
Bottle holders
20,84 EUR

SKS Anywhere adapter bottle cage with top cage

5. SKS Slidecage

SKS Slidecage water bottle cage, plastic, black.

6. SKS Velocage

SKS Velocage water bottle cage; plastic, sapphire blue.

7. SKS Pure

SKS Pure bottle cage, black, carbon.

8. SKS Wirecage

SKS Wirecage bottle cage, aluminium, black.

9. SKS Topcage

Lightweight, high-strength plastic bottle holder.

10. SKS Cage Shifter+

Bottle cage adapter SKS Cage Shifter+; black, universal.