Top-rated products in the Fitness accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. TFA Stop watch

2. Schildkröt Leg exerciser

For the strengthening of the leg muscles there is now the new thigh trainer from Schildkröt Fitness. The training device comes with a solid steel spring and foam covered temples and offers a very special training comfort. Among other things, the focus is on adductors and leg flexors. 

3. TFA Mechanical stop watch

4. Relaxdays Cooling Towel Set, Pack Of 2

Cooling Sports & Fitness Towels

Keep your body cool while doing physical activities, in- and outdoors, with this set of 2 cooling ice towels. Just wet the microfiber
cloths, wring and shake any excess water out, to enjoy the cold effect on your face, neck, head or other body part. The 2 refreshing cloths come in a plastic box which is fitted with a clip hook for transporting either wet or dry and hang up nearby. 

5. Relaxdays thigh toner

Versatile Leg Press for Home Workouts

Get your body in shape with this multi-functional thigh trainer - easily and conveniently in the comfort of your own home.
This handy piece of fitness equipment is suitable for a wide range of exercises and will help you work your arms, legs, chest and more. The soft foam coating makes the abduction trainer comfortable to use. The compact size and light weight make it easy to take the thigh trainer to the office or on holiday. 

6. Relaxdays Thigh Toner, Leg Trainer

Thigh Slimmer for Home Workout

You are looking for a convenient way to shape your thighs at home? This handy thigh toner is the perfect gadget for your workout.
It is suitable for women and men. This toner does not simply offer exercise options for abductor and adductor muscles but also for arms, chest and buttocks. Improve your fitness and optimise your strength training with this multifunctional tool. It can be folded compactly when not in use. 

7. Tunturi Hanging Shoes

These hanging shoes, also known as inversion boots or gravity boots, are used to treat back pain and tension and can also be used for abdominal training. In back therapy, short and regular hanging under the head helps to decompress or relieve intervertebral discs compressed together and to release tension. Likewise, a very demanding abdominal workout can be carried out in this vertical position, which can even be increased by holding additional weights. The Tunturi Hanging Shoes are suitable for home and studio use. 

8. Relaxdays Abdominal belt

Neoprene Hula Hoop Belt

The neoprene belt is the ideal support during hula hoop training to avoid pain and bruises from the hoop. Due to its elastic material and
Velcro closure, the hula hoop belt can be individually adjusted to your own body shape and abdominal girth, which makes it comfortable to wear. The abdominal sweat belt supports good posture, contributes to better fat burning and can also be worn during fitness or jogging. 

9. Relaxdays coordinating manager

Football ladder as training accessory

Especially for running-intensive sports, such as football or athletics, the sports ladder is a great way to train speed, coordination
& agility. The rung distances can be adjusted individually, so that a wide variety of jumping and running exercises can be completed. With the help of 4 pegs, the ladder can be anchored to the ground outside, but it is also suitable for indoor use in the hall. It can be compactly stowed away in the transport bag at any time. 

10. Urban Fitness Sliding disc (2-pack)

100% Plastic. Hardwearing. Design: Logo. Length: 7in. Suitable for: Calisthenics, Core Strength. Material: Foam.