Best products in the RC for children category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Dickie Mega crane truck

With this 1.20 m high tower crane from Dickie Toys your child becomes a real master builder. Its open cabin offers space for a play figure, which may be up to 7.6 cm tall. All turning and lifting functions as well as the crane trolley are controlled via the cable remote control. For operation you need six AA Mignon batteries, which are not included. 

2. Artyk R/C TFB Racing Car

Auto RCR drives in all directions, the possibility to adjust the convergence of the wheels.

Artyk R/C TFB Racing Car
RC for children
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Artyk R/C TFB Racing Car

3. Revell S.W.A.T. Tactical Truck

Looking for the ultimate RC truck experience? Then the RC Truck S.W.A.T. Tactical Truck is just what you need. This incredibly robust and true-to-the-original truck has a 6WD drive for superior off-road mobility, large rubber tyres for good grip on all surfaces.The front lights and blue light bar in US design make the driving adventure even more exciting.The speed is adjustable by remote control and offers a driving time of up to 15minutes. The 2.4 GHz remote control ensures trouble-free operation. With its exciting styling and impressive performance, the RC Truck S.W.A.T. Tactical Truck is perfect for children aged 8+ who are looking for an unforgettable RC experience. 

4. Carrera Slasher 2.0

The sleek Carrera RC Slasher 2.0 racing buggy is the hero of every race track. Its pneumatic tyres provide extra grip when it whizzes around the outdoor track in the garden, in the park or on the playground. The approx. 26.5 cm long model is suitable for little racers aged 6 and over and takes them to exciting races at speeds of up to 12 km/h. It's entirely up to the outdoor fans whether they want to race across the asphalt or the off-road track. In bright red, the Slasher is a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the long-life LiFePo4 battery, the Slasher will thrill spectators for up to 20 minutes before taking a break for 50 minutes at the included USB charger. It can also be conveniently charged on the go via laptop or powerbank with the help of the USB charging cable. 

5. Dickie Pistenbully

The Pistenbully clears everything. Dickie Toys is always breaking new ground with its Radio Control vehicles. The Dickie Toys RC Pistenbully 600 is an exceptional toy for the adventures of the ski slope. Just like in a ski resort, the caterpillar clears obstacles out of the way by radio control and is ready to go right after inserting the batteries. The snow shovel can be moved up and down via the remote control. The caterpillar works its way forward at up to 2 km/h. While driving, the top light is illuminated. The crane arm and winch are operated manually by the little bully drivers. A removable snow smoother ensures a perfectly cleared slope - if possible, even in the loose snow outside the front door. Give the gift of an exceptional play experience. Batteries included, vehicle can be played with immediately after insertion Toy car with radio remote control (3-channel, 2.4 GHz) remote-controlled movable shovel Top light while driving manual crane arm and winch removable snow blade Speed up to 2 km/h Scale 1:18 Length: 51 cm. 

6. Carrera Super Mario Flying Yoshi

Fun from the first second - delivered Ready-to-Run, you can explore with Yoshi directly. The gyro system and the coaxial rotor control allow you a stable and safe flight. Yoshi can be steplessly controlled and can make the air unsafe by the modern 2.4 GHz technology with up to 16 other RC helicopters. The 10.4 cm long Dino flies for about 5 minutes, then it needs a short break of about 30 minutes. Optically the RC Heli inspires with the original license of Nintendo. 

7. Jada Fast Furious Toyota

Supra, 2-channel FS, turbo, drift function, all-wheel drive, USB charging function, 4 spare tires.

8. Monster Jam Grave Digger Trax

9. Jamara Fire brigade turntable ladder

Realistic engine sound, can be switched off. Horn. 660° rotating ladder. Rotatable ladder in clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. Programmable functions with repeat function. Auto power off function. Reverse warning sound. Blue LED signal lights. 4 Wheel drive.
Ladder can be extended. German fire siren. Bright headlights. Real spray function. Large water reservoir ~ 420 ml.

10. Jamara Lamborghini Huracán

The dream of driving a beautiful sporty car can now come true. With this officially licensed deluxe car model from Jamara, you can bring the feeling of owning a dream car into your living room. With LED driving lights, a detailed interior and perfectly reproduced original details on the chassis and body, which have been lovingly realised, the vehicles also impress with their high-quality workmanship. With the ergonomic remote control, you hold the control centre in your hand, just like in a real racing car, and achieve speeds of up to 11 km/h. Easy-to-learn commands let the model do exactly what you tell it to. So, off you go for a spin around town on the parquet floor in your child's room and nothing stands in the way of fun.

True-to-the-original paint job: All Deluxe Car models from Jamara are robot-painted. This process is unique to licensed vehicles. Instead of a simple dyed plastic, this painting process uses colours that have been recreated from the original colour of the vehicle manufacturer. Detailed interior: In addition to the true-to-the-original vehicle design, the 1:14 scale licensed vehicles also have an interior that is modelled on the original. With steering wheel, dashboard and equipment features like the real car of this brand. Everything has been taken care of and implemented down to the smallest detail. LED driving lights: As with a real vehicle in the special equipment, this model has start-stop LED driving lights. As soon as the model starts driving, the headlights light up brightly. When the car stops, the LED driving lights go out again. This function saves energy and increases the driving time of the model.

Manual opening and closing of the doors: On this model, the doors can be opened manually on both sides. Simply reach through the window opening and with a gentle pull you can open the doors and close them again. Manual opening and closing of the boot lid. Just like in real life, the boot lid can be opened on this model. When open, the lid reveals details that have been modelled exactly on the original vehicle.