• Tangle Teezer: the boss of brushes

    Product test

    by Darina Schweizer


Hairbrushes play a vital role in daily grooming routines, offering both functional and esthetic benefits in hair care. They are fundamental tools for shaping, styling, detangling, and maintaining the health of hair for individuals of all hair types. Customers reach for hair brushes not just for practical detangling, but also to stimulate the scalp, distribute natural hair oils, and create various hairstyles that require particular types of brushes. Each hair brush type caters to a specific need, whether it's managing thick curly locks, styling fine strands into a sleek updo, or simply providing a soothing scalp massage to promote hair health.

The catalog of hair brushes includes a variety of subtypes each designed for specific hair requirements. Styling combs and tail combs are precision tools for creating parts and intricate styles, whereas afro combs with their wider teeth are better suited to manage and style naturally curly or coily hair. Vent brushes, with their spaced-out bristles, allow for quicker drying and can add volume to hair. Paddle brushes, with their broad and flat surface, are excellent for smoothing and detangling, particularly for those with long hair. Spa brushes offer a therapeutic scalp massage and help in the even distribution of natural oils. Back-combing combs are the go-to choice for adding volume at the roots. Round brushes are indispensable for blowouts, adding curl, and volume to the hair. Detangling brushes easily glide through wet or dry hair, minimizing breakage and making them a favorite for parents and individuals with sensitive scalps.

While shopping for the perfect hair brush, customers should consider their hair type, the desired styling outcome, and brush design. Brushes with wider spaces between bristles are typically better for thick or curly hair, while closely spaced bristles work well for fine hair. Some brushes also come with specific materials such as boar bristles for added shine or flexible synthetic bristles for gentle detangling. Ergonomic handles and brush size can contribute to ease of use, comfort, and control in achieving the desired hairstyle.

Among the lineup of reputable brands, Quick Aid offers the Wheat Straw Massage & Care Brush, which provides gentle scalp care and suits eco-friendly lifestyles. Trisa’s Professional Scalp Brush Massage&Care is crafted for professional-grade scalp massages, promoting improved circulation and hair vigor. BaByliss presents the Brushing Brush 35mm Signature, ideal for styling and blow-drying with precision. The Wet Detangler Large from Tangle Teezer is favored for its ability to work through wet hair without damage. Lastly, ghd’s The All-Rounder Brush is a versatile choice for everyday hair grooming, with a design that caters to a variety of hair types and styling needs. Selecting from these distinguished brands and their top-selling products ensures a high-quality hairbrush that meets individual hair care and styling preferences.