Community terms and conditions

Dear customer, welcome to our Galaxus Community. The Community is a service Galaxus offers customers, which serves to exchange information about products, receive first-hand product reviews, share opinions and ask questions about products to Galaxus employees or other members of the Community. Galaxus informs Community members about the progress of questions or discussions.

The community is accessible to all registered users and is designed to facilitate a fast, honest and free exchange of opinions and questions regarding products. The following terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of the Galaxus Community as well as its rules of conduct in order to achieve these goals.

By signing into your customer account and joining the Community, you declare that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and that you comply with the rules of conduct. If you would like to change any settings or leave the Community, you can do so in your customer account.

Personal data and contributions

The use of our Community is connected with the username in the customer account. When you write a comment or ask a question in the Community, your Username becomes publicly visible on the Galaxus website.

You don't need to choose a username that's connected to your real name – you may also anonymise your username in the account settings. When writing a contribution, please make sure not to reveal any personal information or data that you do not want to be published. 

Using and distributing your own content in our Community is at your own responsibility and therefore at your own risk. Galaxus assumes neither the responsibility nor the liability that content/information published in the Community is not shared, referenced or otherwise published by third parties on other sites. Any personal data collected by Galaxus through registration in the customer account or through the use of our website will be processed in accordance with our data protection regulations.

By posting questions or comments in the Community, you agree that Galaxus may use your comments/questions free of charge for advertising purposes.

You agree not to post, upload or otherwise publish any content in comments/questions that

  • violate legal provisions,
  • include insulting, racist, offensive, sexist, derogatory, hateful, pornographic or otherwise immoral references,
  • have no connection to the respective topic and do not correspond to the purpose of the Community in any other way,
  • were posted in exchange for a reward or service,
  • violate licences, copyrights or other rights of third parties,
  • contain information, data, photographs, videos or other personal data of third parties which you are not authorised to publish.

Galaxus has the right to delete contributions if they violate the above provisions. Should any user repeatedly violate the rules of conduct, Galaxus reserves the right to exclude them from the Community.


To facilitate an active exchange of opinions within the Community use, these are the default notification settings:

These settings can be changed at any time in the notification centre of your customer account.


Product ratings

All products that are offered in our online shop can be rated by Community users in the section below the product. By writing a product rating, you declare that this rating corresponds to your own opinion and is based on your own experience and was submitted in accordance with the above rules of conduct.

Product tests

Galaxus employees carry out their own product tests at irregular intervals and for various product groups. The opinions stated in these reviews are genuine, personal opinions and test results of the respective employee, which were neither influenced by manufacturers of the respective product nor controlled by Galaxus.

Sponsored content

The central idea and focus of the Galaxus Community are the honest and open exchange of opinions about products and related questions. This does not rule out the possibility of Galaxus posting individual content of a primarily promotional nature, as, for instance, product announcements by manufacturers. These contents are marked as "Advert" or "Sponsored content".

Accuracy of information, liability, damages

Galaxus assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the information provided by Community members in comments/questions/product ratings and other contributions. If Galaxus employees write comments or answer questions, this is a selective answer/comment on the respective question and has no claim to general validity nor is it specific product advice or a purchase recommendation. Galaxus also has no influence on the type, scale and result of product tests carried out by employees and accordingly assumes no responsibility or liability in this respect.

Obviously or supposedly incorrect contributions can be reported to Galaxus. It is at the discretion of Galaxus to investigate these reports. Community members must verify the correctness and plausibility of all contributions themselves. Galaxus is not liable for any damages that arise from following advice or using information from the respective contributions.

As at July 2019