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Monitor accessories

When setting up the ideal workstation or gaming setup, monitor accessories are crucial for enhancing your viewing experience and ensuring optimal functionality of your display. Our collection caters to various needs, from improving lighting conditions to refining color accuracy and even augmenting your screen's real estate.

For those seeking to reduce eye strain with innovative lighting solutions, BenQ's Screenbar Plus offers an adjustable color temperature feature, ensuring comfortable illumination that adapts to your environment. Alternately, FreeVoice provides the Screenbar Curved, designed to complement curved monitors, providing focused lighting that minimizes reflection and glare.

Color calibration is indispensable for professionals in photography, design, and video production. Datacolor's Spyder X PRO is a top choice for those needing precise color accuracy, helping you trust that the colors on your screen match your final output.

Moreover, gamers and multi-screen users will appreciate the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit ABF01, a unique accessory crafted to virtually eliminate the gaps between monitors. It creates an expansive and seamless display for immersive gaming and productivity.

Lastly, for businesses and presenters, Samsung's CY-TF65BBCXEN transforms your space with a large touch overlay frame that brings a new level of interaction to your audience or team collaborations.

Our product range is brimming with accessories from industry-leading brands, ensuring you find exactly what you need to optimize your monitor's performance and enhance your visual experience. Explore our selection to discover innovative products tailored to your personal or professional setup.