Best Logitech products in the Mousepad category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Logitech products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Logitech Studio

Smooth and non-slip surface. Splash-proof coating. Uniform surface structure for precise tracking. Only 2 mm thin and rollable. Made from recycled polyester, natural rubber and natural rubber. 

2. Logitech Desk Mat Studio

Logitech Desk Mat Studio Series MID GREY.

Logitech Desk Mat Studio (Wide)
17,37 EUR

Logitech Desk Mat Studio


3. Logitech G240

The LogitechG240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad's fabric surface creates the ideal friction for optimal mouse control and precise cursor placement when gaming with low DPI sensitivity. Fast, abrupt movements and direction changes are no longer a problem with the G240. The even surface texture is specially optimised for Logitech G gaming sensors. 

4. Logitech G640

Moderate surface friction provides the right amount of resistance when starting or stopping fast or sudden movements, which is often the case when playing at low resolution settings. The G640 mouse provides the right amount of friction for manoeuvring at low resolutions.

Certain patterns and motifs can affect sensor performance, which is why the G640 cloth mouse pad is designed for consistent performance. The pad has a clean and consistent surface texture from edge to edge for smooth motion tracking across the entire surface.

The G640 pad offers gamers greater sensor accuracy and precision. The G640 uses a surface texture similar to the optimal testing environment for the Logitech G-Mouse.

The rubber backing, which is firmly bonded to the fabric, keeps the flexible surface in place and prevents the front of the mouse from creasing and preventing you from making smooth movements. The soft fabric provides more comfort as your wrist glides over the edge of the mouse pad.

The G640 mouse pad is made of flexible material and can be rolled up for easy transport. When unfolded, the pad lies flat so you can start playing. Protect your mouse pad when you take it with you for a LAN gaming session with the robust hexagonal cover.

5. Logitech G G840

The keyboard can be positioned with much more variation without affecting the control or range of movement of the mouse. Measuring 900 x 400 mm, the G840 provides a surface for combining the aesthetics of a gaming desktop with additional comfort and configuration options.

Maximum precision and control for gaming mice thanks to optimised sensor to convert mouse movements into cursor movements even at high speed. Provides the resonance needed to "feel" the mouse movements. Precise aiming from motor memory and optimisation between fast twirling and meticulously executed movements.

Gamers who prefer low DPI settings play with wide, fast hand movements. The rubber pad keeps the entire surface in place and prevents the fabric from puffing up for continuously smooth mouse movements across the desktop. The 3 mm thickness gives the mouse and keyboard the stability needed for this size. The G840 is robust and flexible enough to simply roll up and place in the supplied. transport container. So don't worry, the mouse and keyboard can be controlled anywhere as usual.