Best Relaxdays products in the Beverage dispensers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Relaxdays products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Relaxdays Beer column

Portable beer tower for birthdays, family celebrations & co.

This tall beer tower with tap is the ideal drinking gadget for the next party or the upcoming men's
trip! Serve your friends always well chilled and freshly tapped beer from the beer tower. If the liquid bread is used up, you can quickly replenish it thanks to the removable lid. If you want to take it a little easier, the beverage dispenser can of course also be filled with iced tea, lemonade, soft drinks and much more. A great gift idea not only for beer lovers. 

2. Relaxdays water cooler

Versatile water dispenser

Thanks to this drink dispenser, you will always know the guests at your party are well taken care of. The drink dispenser has a manually
operated hand pump, so each of your guests can supply themselves as they wish. Thanks to the transparent glass, you can always see the fill level. In addition, the glass drink dispenser is a real all-rounder, because it can be used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Therefore, it is suitable for almost any occasion.

Note: After use, clean the vessels quickly by hand and allow all components to air dry sufficiently.

3. Relaxdays Wall-Mount Bar Butler

Professional Liquor Dispenser Rack. Do you want to impress your friends with some delicious cocktails? To mix your various creations fast and safe, this wall-mount bottle holder is the best option. You can insert bottles quickly to whip up drinks or shots. The individual dispensers can be removed. This bar butler perfectly presents your (non-)alcoholic beverages and is a stylish addition to your house bar. 

4. Relaxdays Water dispenser set

Water gallon with manually operated hand pump

With this drink dispenser set in a simple design, you are perfectly prepared for social gatherings in your home or
garden. Fill the drink dispenser with lemonade, iced tea or beer and serve your guests the drink in the included drinking glasses. Thanks to the manually operated hand pump on the water gallon, you can fill the drinking glasses in a few simple steps without lifting the drink dispenser.

Note: Clean the vessels quickly by hand after use and allow all components to air dry sufficiently.

5. Relaxdays Drink dispenser

Funny drink dispenser in the look of a gas pump

Sometimes you just have to refuel properly to really get going. This is not only true for the joyride on the country
road, but of course also for the humid and cheerful party evening. Thanks to the funny drink dispenser in the design of an old-fashioned US pump, you can raise the party mood to unimagined heights. Alcohol doesn't necessarily have to be flowing. You can also conveniently pour juices and water with the dispenser. Just take a look at the labelled plastic container and you'll know how much liquid your original petrol station still contains. 

6. Relaxdays Set

The beverage dispenser set in retro design is the right accessory for your next garden party. With a maximum filling volume of 4 L, you provide your guests with punch, beer, soda and always have the fill level in view thanks to the glass shape. Your guests will get their money's worth, because you tap your drinks yourself via a small tap. This ensures a good mood at the next birthday, garden party or a housewarming party Included are 4 glasses with straws and lids.