Best SodaStream products in the Soda maker accessories category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best SodaStream products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. SodaStream CQC CO2 cylinder

The additional cylinder pack contains one PINKEN CQC carbon dioxide cylinder for approx. 60L beverage. With an additional cylinder you can continue bubbling while you replace the other cylinder.


The PINKE CQC CO2-cylinder is only compatible with the drinking water bubbler DUO.

2. SodaStream Duo

The large 1L glass carafe guarantees unique freshness and pure quality of your drinks. Enjoy stylish individuality and pleasure at its best. The Duopack contains two high-quality, dishwasher-safe 1L glass carafes with screw cap - suitable for the Duo water fizzer. 

3. SodaStream Glass carafe

The shapely glass carafe guarantees unique freshness and pure quality of your beverages. Enjoy stylish individuality and enjoyment in its good form. SodaStream glass decanter Duopack contains two high-quality and dishwasher safe glass decanters with screw cap and a capacity of 615ml each. Attention: The glass carafe is only compatible with the Crystal & Penguin water bubblers. Contents: 2 glass decanters à 615ml. 

4. SodaStream Exchange carbonizer charger

Sodastream CO2 Bottle 60L (1032122770) (1032122770).

5. SodaStream Watermaxx Duopack

With threaded. Suitable for the following WasserMaxx, SodaMaxx & Aquellness models: Classic, universal, electronic, trend, Deluxe, fun, Watermate. assend also for SodaStream humidifier with threaded. NOT adjust humidifier with screw thread or old humidifier with CO2 supply from the bottom. 

6. SodaStream DUO QC

SodaStream Accessories Kit DUO Reserve Cylinder 60L QC+1 Glass Bottle (1053400490) (1053400490).

7. SodaStream My only Bottle Pink Blush

Sodastream Bottle My only Bottle 0.5 L Pink Blush.

8. SodaStream Litre bottle

The bottle has the perfect capacity. Its elegant, minimalist look will enhance your everyday look at work, on a walk or when travelling.

9. SodaStream Wasserflasche

SodaStream 2260525. quantity per pack: 3 piece(s).

10. SodaStream Duopack

Sodastream bottle Duopack 1.0 L dishwasher safe.