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1. Bredemeijer Tea filter

Universal fine-meshed tea strainer made of stainless steel for use in a tea glass or teapot. The tea filter is dishwasher safe. Product features:-stainless steel shiny fine mesh dishwasher safe. 

2. Metaltex Tea strainer with handle

Inox with lasered and extremely fine inox filter, food safe, dishwasher safe and easy to clean, with practical carrying handle, for teapots.

3. WMF Gourmet

They come in different shapes and sizes. All are made of high quality Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel. Thus absolutely hygienic, odourless and tasteless. These strainers can also be used for spices, e.g. punch, so that you do not have to "fish" after cooking. 

4. Koziol Miaou

Made of plastic, Mint. Can be simply hooked onto the rim of the cup. Offers even noble leaf tea varieties plenty of room to develop. Can be removed very easily at the end of the drawing time. Dishwasher safe. 

5. Kikkerland Fisherman

Tea Bag Holder Fischermann White.

6. Koziol Rudolf

All tea lovers can look forward to animal pleasurable times. Because from now on, to prepare a particularly good hot drink, we have to say: "Please allow three to five minutes to Rudolph! The tea strainer can be attached to any glass or cup edge and offers each leaf plenty of space for aromatic development. 

7. OXO Tea Egg

Enjoy a warm tea. Turning function makes filling child's play. Works with loose tea and is also excellent for herbs and spices.

8. Metaltex Tea Egg with chain

Tea infuser with chain. This tea infuser from Metaltex is ideal for making fresh, flavoursome tea. It is easy to open by turning it. You can then fill it halfway with tea leaves so that they can expand. Then close the tea infuser and simply dip it in hot water using the chain and hook.
Brand: Metaltex. Diameter: 4.3 cm. Height: 5.3 cm. Material: stainless steel. Colour: silver.

Metaltex Tea Egg with chain
Tea infusers
3,54 EUR was 5,90 EUR

Metaltex Tea Egg with chain

9. GEFU Tea Egg

Gives the tea pleasure the right measure. Practical with handle.

10. Metaltex Tea ball

The tea/spice ball has an extremely fine filter grid, which contributes to the optimal development of the aromas of the tea herbs. The ball is also suitable for seasoning soups by simply filling it with various spices and placing it in the soup pot. Thanks to an attached chain with hooks, you can also attach the ball to the edge of the teapot.