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1. Bredemeijer Tea filter

This Bredemeijer universal tea filter is suitable for the Duet teapot, but also for the Menuett cylinder and other Bredemeijer stainless steel teapots.

2. Bodum Tea strainer with lid

About the YO-YO Tea Strainer

The YO-YO tea strainer allows the flavour and aroma of your favourite tea leaves to fully develop. This strainer made of BPA-free plastic
rests on the rim of your cup, while the generously sized filter fills the inside of the cup well and gives the tea leaves enough space to develop their full aroma.

This tea strainer comes with a multi-function lid to keep your tea warm while brewing. Afterwards, it can be used as a coaster to catch drops when removing the strainer from the tea cup.

Available in different colours to match any style - this tea strainer is sure to be to your taste.

Product features and advantages

- The tea strainer optimises the taste of your favourite tea leaves.

- Made of BPA-free plastic.

- Suitable for different cup and mug sizes.

- Ideal for all loose tea leaves, including black, white, green and herbal teas.

- The lid keeps the tea warm while brewing and serves as a trivet to catch drips when removing the strainer from the cup.

- Easy to use and clean.

- Dishwasher safe.

Use and care

Wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before first use. This tea strainer is dishwasher safe.

Bodum Tea strainer with lid
Tea infusers
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Bodum Tea strainer with lid

3. Relaxdays Tea Strainer, Set of 3

Stainless Steel Tea Strainer with Handle

There is nothing more comforting than a cup of hot tea after a long, stressful or rainy day. This set is the ideal accessory
for teatime. Fill the mesh snap ball with your favourite type of tea and introduce it in a cup with hot water. The fine-meshed sieve collects the leaves, so you can easily enjoy a strong, aromatic tea. Moreover, the stainless steel accessory is a sustainable alternative to the traditional disposable teabags - also idea for mulled spices. 

4. Ototo Nessie Baby

Nessie baby tea ball. No tea lover can get past this little monster anymore: Looking out of the cup with a wink, it relentlessly asks you to take hold of it, to grab it by the mop of hair, so that especially the black and green tea doesn't draw too long and becomes as black as its famous Scottish hole. But start the tea ceremony with the cute Ototo design from the beginning: The monster can be unscrewed at its belly, the lower part holds a small amount of tea as a normal tea strainer, and the lip on the belly side helps to scoop and fill it from large tea cans. Well turned up, the cute monster not only looks legendary, but also keeps its posture inside and outside the cup with its four little feet. Small but nice, the Nessie Baby Tea Egg by Ototo is enough for a good tea cup. 

5. Kikkerland Lotus Tea Infuser

Lotus Tea Infuser.

6. GEFU Tea filter 'Savoro

It's teatime! The single-cup continuous filter ensures pure flavor enjoyment.

7. Metaltex Tea Egg with chain

Tea infuser with chain. This tea infuser from Metaltex is ideal for making fresh, flavoursome tea. It is easy to open by turning it. You can then fill it halfway with tea leaves so that they can expand. Then close the tea infuser and simply dip it in hot water using the chain and hook.
Brand: Metaltex. Diameter: 4.3 cm. Height: 5.3 cm. Material: stainless steel. Colour: silver.

Metaltex Tea Egg with chain
Tea infusers
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Metaltex Tea Egg with chain

8. Ototo Tea Sub tea infuser

The bright yellow silicone submarine dips your favourite tea mixture to the bottom of the cup! Dimensions: 5.7 cm x 3.2 cm x 5.5 cm.

9. Kikkerland Cat Tea Bag Holders

Cat Tea Bag Holders.

10. Westmark Tea Egg 'Teatime

This tea infuser not only allows you to brew loose tea in cups and pots, you can also fill it with herbs and spices to prepare sauces, soups or broths. The sieve halves, which can be screwed apart, make filling easier and can be closed easily. Thanks to the fine-pored sieve made of stainless steel, you can achieve full flavor development. The chain with its hook makes it easy to attach to cups or teapots. The tea infuser is easy to clean by hand and also in the dishwasher.