Ski skins

Ski skins are indispensable for backcountry skiing enthusiasts who crave the ascent just as much as the downhill thrill. These innovative traction accessories affix to the bottom of skis, providing the necessary grip to climb steep, snowy slopes without sliding backward. Ski skins are made with a strong, reliable adhesive on one side and a durable, grippy material on the other, typically mohair, nylon, or a mix of both. Users appreciate the ability to traverse various snow conditions and terrains, making them a vital component of any ski touring or splitboarding gear setup.

Among the leading brands offering high-quality ski skins, Contour has made a mark with its Guide Mix 135 ski skin, a balanced blend of mohair and synthetic materials for an optimal combination of glide and grip. Pomoca brings to the table the Climb Pro S-Glide Ready2climb 130mm V2 2022, a top choice for those seeking exceptional performance and easy-to-use features. Dynafit offers the Speedskin Blacklight 95 fur, designed specifically for compatibility with their ski models and providing a lightweight yet robust option for serious ski mountaineers. G3 caters to the splitboarding community with the Splitboard LT Glide skin 140mm, engineered for ease of use and maximum efficiency. Lastly, Colltex looks after the longevity of ski skins with products like the Eco Skin Proof fur impregnation, enhancing durability and water repellency for prolonged use in demanding conditions. Each brand brings something unique to the table, be it in terms of material innovation, ease of attachment, or skin care, ensuring there's a suitable option for every passionate rider.