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1. Osram Original Xenarc D1S

Powerful HID xenon lamp for car headlights in OEM quality. Proven in millions of new cars from well-known manufacturers. D1S xenon burner in OEM quality - for sensational light output and a reliable service life. Xenon bulb as original spare part. The quality of this product is guaranteed for up to 4 years. It is recommended that the xenon lamps be replaced by a specialist. 

Osram Original Xenarc D1S (D1S)
Car lights
60,97 EUR

Osram Original Xenarc D1S


2. Osram Night Breaker Laser Duobox

Get to know the new generation of Night Breaker lasers. The brightest halogen lamp from Osram. With the innovative laser decoating technology, these headlight lamps shine up to 150 % brighter than the statutory minimum requirements. The highly developed spiral provides an extra strong luminosity. As a result, the light cone of these lamps is up to 150 m long and 20% whiter than the minimum legal requirements. 

Osram Night Breaker Laser Duobox (H7)
Car lights
38,14 EUR

Osram Night Breaker Laser Duobox


3. Osram Original Xenarc

Osram Xenarc Original D3S: Powerful HID xenon lamp in OEM quality for optimum car light. Tried and tested millions of times in new cars from well-known manufacturers. D3S Xenon burner in OEM quality impresses with sensational light output and a reliable service life. Xenon bulb as original spare part: D3S socket, 42V, 35W, 3200 lm, 4300 Kelvin, PK32d-5 The quality of this product is guaranteed by Osram for up to 4 years. It is recommended that the xenon lamps be replaced by a specialist. 

4. Osram Night Breaker 200

Reach the next light level: with Night Breaker 200 - the brightest halogen car lamp from Osram! These state-of-the-art headlight lamps impress with up to 200% more brightness and up to 20% whiter light compared to the minimum legal requirements and produce a cone of light up to 150 m long. More light and better visibility can help drivers spot and react to traffic hazards faster. The ideal lamp for drivers who appreciate the difference that powerful vehicle lighting makes. Available as H4 and H7 with new mirror chrome cap. 

5. Osram H7 12V Longlife

Osram Original line H7 12V Longlife, color temperature: neutral white, illuminant technology: halogen. Lamp base: PX26d, luminaires type: H7, scope: passenger car.

6. Osram Xenarc Classic

With XENARC CLASSIC, OSRAM offers you an inexpensive lamp in proven quality. Thanks to its attractive prices, XENARC CLASSIC is the first alternative for price-oriented drivers. In addition, thanks to the latest arc technology, their customers benefit from high lighting quality and thus greater safety on the road! Best price-performance ratio -Up to 100% more light than standard halogen lamps -With 4000 K the colour temperature is more similar to daylight than with conventional halogen light (3200 K) -Up to 1500 h service life -Ful application thanks to perfect coordination with OEM requirements -Packaging unit: 10 pcs -No guarantee 

7. Osram Special lamp

Brightness is particularly important on the road, which is why you should also use the right light sources in your car. The halogen lamp in OEM quality provides a neat beam of light that illuminates the street completely. 

8. Osram Original

The lamps from the Osram Orginal Line family are reliable and also prove their value for money. Customers who appreciate proven quality make the right choice with the Orginal Line. Peak performance-reliable and cost-effective Osram is not the world market leader in the automotive lamp sector for nothing. Whether as standard initial equipment or as spare part, the Orginal Line is a proven draft horse millions of times over. With its excellent price-performance ratio, it appeals to a wide range of customers and boasts perfect workmanship. Their combination of renowned quality, convincing brightness and reliable durability easily prevails over other products on the market. 

Osram Original (HIR2)
Car lights
32,27 EUR was 34,69 EUR

Osram Original


9. Philips RacingVision

The further you can see clearly, the faster you can react to what's happening on the road. Philips RacingVision headlamps increase your visibility thanks to up to 150% more brightness. So you can see obstacles much earlier than with other, less powerful halogen lamps and enjoy a safer and more enjoyable ride. When driving at night, your eyesight reaches its limits. Obstacles, such as pedestrians on the road, are then difficult to see. Thanks to the special color temperature of Philips RacingVision headlamps, your eyes can focus better and perceive contrasts in the distance. This makes you a safer road user and makes driving in the dark an exciting experience. 

10. Philips Daylight 9 LED daytime running light

The third generation of Philips DRL combines first-class design with enhanced visibility. With improved optics, Philips Daylight9 offers more flexibility in mounting: a road-legal solution that makes every vehicle stand out. 

Philips Daylight 9 LED daytime running light
Car lights
99,97 EUR was 109,– EUR

Philips Daylight 9 LED daytime running light