Grilling and barbecue – pretty much the best there is in summer. Barbecuing is more than just roasting – it's pure quality of life. In addition, grilled foods are less fatty than those fried in a pan, as no fat is added and the fat escaping from the barbecue food can be removed by draining. Whether it's a gas, electric, charcoal, pellet, ceramic or smoking grill from the largest grill brands Weber, Outdoorchef, Napoleon, Broil King and Camping Gaz – we'll explain the differences to you.

Gas grill
The gas grill is usually operated with butane or propane gas and is very easy to ignite. Heating it up therefore takes much less time than with a charcoal grill. The cooling time is also very short, which makes it possible to clean the grill directly afterwards. The gas grill is also ideally suited for various types of barbecue with various heat requirements, as the temperature can be set precisely. The gas grill can also be used very well on balconies, since smoke development is not so strong.

Charcoal grill
Barbecuing with a charcoal is inexpensive and provides the typical and unique smoke aroma. Another advantage is the easily available charcoal. However, one must take waiting time into account until sufficient embers can form, as well as smoke development with use on balconies or terraces.

A smoker is a wood or charcoal-fired oven in which food is cooked with hot smoke. In contrast to grilling, food does not lie directly above the embers or the fire. The smoked grill is also very useful for getting that characteristic taste. The smoke grill is ideal for slow cooking and smoking of large pieces of meat and fish. Ceramic grills (also called Kamado grills) are derived from the Japanese word Mushikamado, which stands for a charcoal-fired ceramic container. A Kamado grill is constructed in such a way that it can be used for grilling and smoking at both low and high temperatures.

Electric grill

An electric grill heats up a heating coil located under a metal grate. Electric grills are easy to install and quickly become hot. The temperature can be adjusted individually. Cleaning is also made easy. The electric grill can also be used indoors and on the balcony because of its low smoke emission.

Pellet grill
The pellet grill embodies all the advantages of the various grill types. You can smoke just like a smoker, grill like with a good gas grill and bake pizza like in a stone oven. As with the gas grill, this type of grill is very easy to use and has a precise temperature control. In addition, this grill also delivers the typical smoke aroma we are used to from the charcoal grill.

A grill is one thing – to grill properly you also need the right equipment. Here you'll find various means for lighting, various products to maintain the right grilling temperature, gill dishes to prevent spillages and for marinating and preparing smaller barbecue food such as vegetables, barbecue cutlery and preparation products such as double skewers, burger presses and cleaning products. Direct and indirect grilling When grilling directly, the food is placed above the heat source. The high temperatures at the surface lead to the formation of a crust. With indirect grilling, the food is cooked at medium to high temperatures in a closed grill. The heat is reflected on the inside of the grill and hot air flows evenly around the food. This preserves the juices and eliminates the need to turn the food. The disadvantage is a longer preparation time.

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    by Judith Erdin