Flowers + Plants

Plants and flowers make life more beautiful! And your environment and you too, perhaps, because they provide better air quality and a better indoor climate, they can provide you with fruit and vegetablesand a lively and comfortable home. And if you want, you can talk to them, too.

Here you will find everything from indoor plants, balcony and bedding plants, bouquets of flowers, seeds, Christmas trees, herbs, Mediterranean plants, fruit & berries, hedges, perennials and even artificial plants to enrich your garden, balcony, terrace or home. In the title of the plants you will find the diameter of the respective culture pot in which the plant is delivered. So you can see at a glance in which cachepots or vessels they fit.

Our real plants are selected directly by our Swiss partners and the most beautiful specimens are delivered to your home. As they require competent care and should arrive at your home as soon as possible, they cannot be picked up in the shop. The following questions may be important for you when choosing your perfect plant:
- How big should the plant be? Or how big should it be?
- What light will their future location have?
- Do you prefer an easy-care plant or do you have a green thumb?
- Do you want certain seasonal plants?
- How big are perhaps already existing flower pots? Does the future plant go with it?

Life in the green needs to be skillful. There are one or two things to consider when beautifying your home or giving away plants so that they can thrive happily. First of all, outdoor and indoor plants have different needs. Some feel comfortable in the sun, others love the shade hot and only want a modest dip in the cool water. Some enjoy "Tough Love", others want to be constantly cared for.

Flower bouquets, seeds and bulbs, on the other hand, are excellent gifts. They come beautifully packaged and have a surprise effect. Thyme and oregano, for example, are popular for seasoning and are ideal for enthusiastic chefs. Seed capsules, like those from Plantui, are perfect for decorating as soon as they unfold their splendour. They give every home the current trend colour "Greenery" and also set accents as an object.
If you're unsure about your choice of colour, white flowers or green houseplants, for example, are suitable because they're distinguished and blend into any interior. It is a good idea to choose a small to medium-sized plant so that they can safely find a place in the recipient's home. Because everyone reacts differently to smells, we advise you, for example, to keep your distance from flowers such as lilies with a strong fragrance and to choose an odourless variant.

Of course you will also find the necessary accessories here, whether soil, fertilizer, pots, raised beds, growing accessories, plant protection, decorative articles, pesticides, hand tools or garden clothing.

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