Barebones are compact and customizable computer systems that provide a foundation for users to build their unique PCs. Typically popular with enthusiasts, IT professionals, and those with specific computing needs, barebones systems offer a halfway point between building a PC from scratch and buying a pre-configured one. They include the essentials such as the case, motherboard, and power supply. Customers can then select their own processor, memory, storage, and other components. Barebones are often used in spaces where a full-sized desktop is impractical, for creating home theater systems, or for setting up a specialized workstation with tailored specifications.

When selecting a barebone system, there are several important properties to consider. The number of processor cores can influence performance, with typical values like 4x offering solid multi-tasking capabilities. Network connections such as dual RJ45 ports ensure robust internet connectivity or network linking. The design, often a small form factor, makes them suitable for limited spaces or minimalist setups. Internal connection options like dual M.2 slots afford swift data transfer and storage solutions. The motherboard's socket type, such as AM4, must be compatible with the desired CPU. Data ports like Thunderbolt 4 offer advanced connectivity for peripherals and external storage at high speeds. Lastly, video connections, commonly dual HDMI, provide the ability to connect multiple displays for enhanced visual output or multitasking.

Among the leading brands offering high-quality barebones, Gigabyte's Brix series, such as the GB-BRR3H-4300 (rev. 1.0), is designed to balance compactness with computing power. Zotac's Zbox Magnus EN173080C stands out for its ability to pack gaming-grade performance into a diminutive enclosure. Shuttle's Barebone XPC slim DH610 Black is admired for its sleek design and solid performance in professional environments. Intel's NUC 13 Pro Kit - NUC13ANHI7 offers cutting-edge technology with its next-gen processors and rich selection of ports. AsRock's Deskmini X300 is well-regarded for flexibility in component choices, especially in the realm of CPU and storage options, making it a favourite for custom build enthusiasts. Each brand brings its unique strengths to the table, empowering customers to discover the optimal configuration that suits their needs.