Motherboard accessories

In the realm of computer components, motherboard accessories are crucial for expanding and enhancing the capabilities of your main system board. Customers navigating through this category can expect a plethora of high-quality products designed to optimize and customize the performance of their motherboards. Top brands in this field include ASUS, Corsair, CoreParts, AsRock, and Delock, each offering a range of must-have items for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

ASUS is renowned for their HYPER M.2 X16 GEN 5 CARD, an expansion card that elevates your storage setup, allowing for higher speed and increased connectivity through additional M.2 slots. Similarly, Corsair’s top-selling Premium PCIe 4.0 x16 Extension Cable, measuring 300mm, grants users the flexibility to position their high-speed graphics cards in a preferred layout within their PC cases, potentially improving airflow and aesthetic appeal.

For the maintenance and longevity of your system, CoreParts provides essential components like the CMOS/Backup Battery for HP, ensuring that your motherboard maintains its settings and runs smoothly. Networking upgrades are also prominent, with AsRock's Deskmini M.2 WiFi6e Kit (AX210) offering cutting-edge wireless connectivity options directly connected to your motherboard.

Delock, another trusted name in motherboard peripherals, caters to customers with niche needs through products like their PCI-E Riser, which expands a single x1 slot to multiple outputs, coupled with a 4pin floppy connector for reliable power delivery. Whether you're upgrading a gaming rig, building a server, or creating a custom work terminal, these industry-leading accessories provide the tools to construct a highly personalized and efficient system.