Projector accessories

Enhance your cinematic and presentation experiences with our premium selection of projector accessories. Whether you are setting up a home theatre or preparing todeliver a compelling business presentation, our online shop offers an array of products designed to optimize your projector's performance and versatility.

Discover a variety of accessories from leading brands such as Samsung, whose The Freestyle Case ensures your projector remains portable and protected. NEC's NP40ZL lens brings outstanding clarity and focus to your projections, ensuring that each visual is presented with sharp precision. Add wireless functionality to your projector with Epson's ELPAP10 Adapter, enabling seamless connectivity and instant access to a multitude of devices.

For those in need of specialty lenses, Sony's VPLL-Z4107 offers outstanding zoom capabilities, allowing for perfect image projection regardless of room size. Expand your projector's range with the BenQ LS2LT1 Semi Long Lens, ideal for larger venues where long-throw projection is necessary.

Our curated assortment not only satisfies the practical needs of better image positioning, compatible lens options, and connectivity solutions but also caters to the protection and maintenance of your projector. Delve into our thoughtfully selected products to find exactly what you need to enhance your projector setup and deliver exceptional visual experiences. Shop now and discover the perfect accessories to complement your projector needs and exceed your expectations.