Projector screen accessories

Take your viewing experience to the next level with our range of projector screen accessories. Whether you're setting up a home theater, preparing for an important business presentation, or creating an immersive gaming setup, ensuring that your projector screen is perfectly positioned and functional is crucial. Our accessories selection offers everything from sturdy ceiling mounting brackets for secure installation to advanced screen control mechanisms for ease of use.

Among our offerings, you'll find top-quality brands such as Projecta, renowned for their Ceiling mounting bracket, 100cm, white – a favorite for its robust design and elegant finish. It's the ideal choice for those who want a fixed position with a professional look. Elite Screens is another leader in the category, with their Aeon Edge Free AR100H-CLR3; an innovative frame design that provides a floating screen effect, enhancing your visual display without the distraction of a traditional bezel.

For those who appreciate convenience and technology, the Celexon Professional 1-channel radio set stands out. This system allows users to operate their projector screens wirelessly, adding a layer of sophistication and simplicity to your setup.

Whether you value aesthetics, functionality, or both, our projector screen accessories cater to a wide variety of preferences and requirements. By choosing from our carefully selected brands and products, you can build an exceptional display system that provides clear images, hassle-free operation, and a sleek appearance to impress any audience.