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    by Pia Seidel


Plates are foundational items in both the culinary arts and everyday dining, designed to serve an array of foods in a practical and stylish manner. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to cater to different meal types—from a slender slice of pizza to a hearty pasta dish. For customers seeking dinnerware, plates are chosen based on how they plan to entertain or the type of cuisine they frequently enjoy. In homes, restaurants, and essentially any place where food is served, plates are essential for providing a clean, aesthetically pleasing surface on which to arrange meals.

Each subtype of plate serves a specific culinary function. Pizza plates are usually large and flat, providing ample space for oversized slices or even whole pizzas, ensuring convenient serving and sharing. Dinner plates represent the standard, versatile choice for main courses, typically larger in size. Soup plates, featuring a broad rim and a deep basin, accommodate broths and stews without spilling. For lighter meals or sweets, breakfast and dessert plates offer a more modest size, perfect for morning fare or after-meal treats. Pasta plates are designed with a broad rim and a shallow bowl, ideal for serving spaghetti and saucy noodles. Lastly, chargers or service plates are decorative and oversized, often placed under the dining plate for a touch of elegance.

When selecting plates, customers should consider several important properties. The material group is crucial, with options like ceramic providing a classic, durable choice. The dish shape is also a key factor; round plates are the most common, offering a timeless look that accommodates various settings. Additionally, the number of items per sales unit—often a single plate or a set—allows customers to purchase according to their household needs or entertainment scale.

Leading brands in the plate category include Churchill, known for its Stonecast lavender deep plate, perfect for generous servings with a rustic touch. Leonardo offers an alluring option with the green Matera plate, renowned for its refined, modern design. Bitz brings a unique aesthetic with its stoneware pasta plate, while Villeroy & Boch's Toy's Delight range adds festive whimsy to holiday tables. Lastly, for a blend of sophistication and practicality, Furber delivers with their white and gold breakfast and dessert plates, available in a practical set of six for daily elegance. These brands and products present a range of styles and functionalities, suited for any table setting or dining preference.