Headlamp accessories

When preparing for nighttime adventures or any activity that requires working in low-light conditions, having the right headlamp accessories can make all the difference. These essential add-ons enhance functionality and ensure your headlamp operates at peak performance. Our carefully curated selection of headlamp accessories includes items from leading brands in the industry, ensuring reliable quality and innovation.

Petromax is renowned for their Wearing parts set HK 500, which promises long-lasting use for your headlamp, while Black Diamond's popular BD 1500 offers a powerful and efficient upgrade for enthusiasts demanding more from their equipment. Petzl remains a top choice with their Ersatzakku - Li-Ion, a rechargeable battery designed to keep your headlamp glowing longer on a single charge.

For those seeking extended adventures, Silva's Headlamp Battery 3.5AH is a standout option, providing a substantial power reserve to light your way. Additionally, Ledlenser's Battery H7R.2 is a notable accessory for its compatibility and endurance, ensuring your Ledlenser headlamp stays lit through the darkest trails.

Whether you're a camper, hiker, caver, or a professional requiring a hands-free light source, our assortment includes robust batteries, replacement parts, and other enhancements to tailor your headlamp to your specific needs. Trust these reliable brands to illuminate your path and complement your headlamp with the ultimate accessories.