WD Red Pro

18 TB, 3.5", CMR
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27,03 EUR/1TB

Memory Size

Product details

Designed specifically for medium or large business customers, WD Red Pro hard drives are available for NAS systems with up to 24 drive bays. Aimed at high-intensity workloads in 24x7 environments, the
WD Red Pro family is ideal for archiving and sharing content, as well as building RAID arrays in advanced operating systems such as ZFS and other file systems. These hard drives increase efficiency by enabling your employees to quickly share files and reliably back up folders in your NAS solution.Designed for optimal NAS compatibility - WD Red Pro hard drives with NASware technology simplify hard drive selection. The unique algorithm is optimized for NAS systems and provides the right balance of performance and reliability in NAS and RAID environments. In short, WD Red Pro is the most compatible drive for NAS enclosures. That's backed up by numbers. WD Red Pro hard drives are the result of extensive compatibility testing and extensive engagement with NAS partner technologies.Shock protection for drive bays in large NAS systems - WD Red Pro hard drives are equipped with a multi-axis shock sensor to detect even minor impacts and a dynamic head-height adjustment that automatically compensates for shock during each read/write operation to protect your data. The combination of these technologies provides even more protection for hard drives in large 24-bay NAS environments and increases hard drive reliability.3D Active Balance Plus - Advanced two-level mass balance technology greatly improves overall drive performance and reliability. Hard drives without proper mass balance can cause excessive vibration and noise in a multi-drive system, reducing drive life and causing performance to drop over time.Troubleshooting Protection - Because WD Red Pro hard drives are designed specifically for RAID and NAS environments, they have special troubleshooting mechanisms that are part of NASware 3.0 technology. Extensive disk testing - A NAS environment with up to 24 drive bays places significant stress on a hard drive in terms of increased vibration and heat generation. That's why every WD Red Pro hard drive undergoes extensive run-in testing with varying temperatures to ensure even greater operational reliability.

Key specifications

Storage Technology
Memory Scope of application
Max. Speed
7200 RPM
Item number

General information

Manufacturer no.
Release date
Sales rank in Category Hard drives
Maximum order quantity

Data storage properties

Memory Scope of application
Data storage interface
Form factor
Storage capacity
18 TB
Buffer size
512 MB
Sustained Speed HDD
272 MB/s
Max. Speed
7200 RPM
Storage Technology
Hard disk filling
Hard disk additional functions
Native command queuing

Operating conditions

Maximum operating temperature
65 °C

Noise emission

Max. noise level
20 dB

Power supply

Power consumption
6.10 W
Power consumption (standby)
0.40 W


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Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery
1 piece

Product dimensions

14.70 cm
10.16 cm
2.61 cm
660 g

Package dimensions

20.80 cm
13.10 cm
6.10 cm
774 g

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CT MagazinSingle testReleaseJanuary 2023
  • PositiveModels up to 22 TByte
  • Negativevery expensive
  • NegativeHigh no-load power consumption

The Western Digital Red Pro is one of the most expensive hard drives in this comparison. The technical data place it somewhere between the inexpensive desktop hard disks and the server models: only an estimated 1 million hours until failure, only 300 TByte workload per year and the data security is also on the level of a desktop hard disk with one read error per 1014 bits...